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Are Folding Bicycles Safe?

Folding bicycles are as safe as standard bikes, possibly safer. Naturally, some bikes are better made than others but this has less to do with the type of bike and more to do with the bike manufacturer.

All Giatex bicycles exceed the rigorous strength and safety standards in the U.S., Japan, Germany, the UK and France. Giatex warrants its bicycle frame set including forks against defects in workmanship and materials for one (1) year and for one (1) year on all remaining parts (excluding tires, tubes, cables and chains).

On the other hand, some small factories in Asia churn out folding bicycles with poor welds and cheap components, causing their bikes to wriggle or even to fail when ridden.

Or advice is that you carefully evaluate any bike before electing to buy. Here are six questions to ask when evaluating a folding bicycle for safety:

1. Has the bicycle been tested by an international bicycle testing institute like CPSC (U.S.), JIS (Japan), TUV (Germany), UTAC (France and Italy) or BS (UK)?
(NOTE: In order for the Giatex to be sold in the USA, it HAD to pass RIGOROUS testing...)

2. Is the frame rigid under normal pedaling loads? To make a bicycle fold, many folding bike manufacturers cut the frame in half and weld in a hinge for folding. As a result, a poorly made folding bike will flex alarmingly. For a quick test, sit on the saddle, squeeze the brake levers, and try twisting the seat post and the handlebars in opposite directions to stress the frame. If the frame is not stiff, this is a sign of poor construction and should be avoided.
(NOTE: The frame of the Giatex is NOT hinged. Rather, the Giatex uses a patented frame that telescopes to fit the size of the rider. As a result, the bike is rock solid.)

3. Is there any play in the folding mechanisms when they are locked in the closed position? Many poorly made folding bikes will wriggle around like a wet noodle even when the locking mechanisms are locked.
(NOTE: The frame of the Giatex is NOT hinged. Rather, the Giatex uses a patented frame that telescopes to fit the size of the rider. As a result, the bike is rock solid.)

4. Are there double locks on the key folding parts? If not, is there a chance that these locks could some accidentally undone while riding?
(NOTE: The patented frame of the Giatex uses 2, redundant quick release levers to adjust. Additionally, the front handlebars employs a secondary lock for safety.)

5. Does the bicycle adjust to give you a comfortable riding position? Many low-cost folding bikes are not sized properly for taller adults. As a result, the handlebars may bang into your knees on tighter turns.
(NOTE: The Giatex is unique in that all aspects of the bike (seat, handlebars AND frame) adjust to fit the size of the rider, from child to adult.)

6. How does the bicycle handle - is the bike stable and the steering controlled? Many low cost folding bikes are built by assemblers where nobody rides a bike. Often there is little if any testing of the product. Remember that folding bike geometries need to be carefully tuned to deliver a stable ride.
(NOTE: The Giatex rides similarly to standard sized bikes. The bike is shipped to you already assembled & tested. Just inflate the tires, screw on the pedals, insert the seat tube & adjust the bike to your size.)

Folding bikes for travel
Some even fit in the overhead bin on your flight.



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