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  The goal of is to encourage cycling for recreation, commuting, health and a better future. Each day, over 1000 cyclists visit our site and many are looking for places to visit and go cycling.

There are 2 ways to promote your inn on our site: a Feature Story or a listing in our Bicycle Friendly Lodging Accommodations Directory.

Feature Story
If your area offers cycling amenities that are attractive to cyclists on vacation (such as bike trails, bike routes, etc.), we'd love to share this news with our readers and welcome story submissions on this topic (especially from local tourism experts such as lodging providers).

Write a story of 500-1500 words about biking in your area. If the story reads well, it will be posted on the homepage of We'll credit you for the story, list your lodging accommodation in our Bicycle Friendly Lodging directory, create a page about your inn (including a photo & link to your website) and link your story to your page on our site. The story will remain on the homepage until it is replaced by another news item. At that time, the story will be archived indefinitely in our site. Your page and directory listing will remain on our site for one year, free of charge. After that, there is a $15 annual fee to remain on the site; however, if you submit another story in the future, we may refund the annual fee for that year.

Bicycle Friendly Lodging Accommodations Directory
To be listed on as a bicycle friendly accommodation, your lodgings must offer two or more of the following perks for bicyclists:

A - Discounts to cyclists. B – Bikes available (free or rentals). C - Temporary bicycle storage before, during OR after your stay. D - Energy snacks OR bottled water before, during OR after your bike ride. E - Bicycle washing facilities. F - Laundry washing facilities. G - Bike/luggage transportation. H - Spa services on site. I - Proximity to a bicycle path, lane or route. J - Other (describe).

We'll also need the following info:
- Business Name
- Website Address (optional)
- Address (Country, State & Town)
- Complete Phone Number
- Dates You're Open
- Check In/Out Times
- Contact Name
- Loding Photo (jpeg format preferred)

You can purchase your listing by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button (shown below) or we can invoice you via PayPal. Either way, your payment is secure and you can pay via your credit card.

Add Your Bicycle Friendly Lodging Directory Listing
Price: $15.00/yr

NOTE: Please remember to email the details of your lodging accommodations to us and attach a lodging photo to your email.
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